Sofia Chu is an 18 year old college freshman at Virginia Tech. Sofia studies in the School of Visual Arts at VT and hopes to continue in the school as a Creative Technologies major after her portfolio review in early December. Sofia is from Luray, Virginia where she has lived the majority of her life and studied at Luray High School.

Sofia got into art at a young age. She was taken to weekend courses and summer art camps at James Madison University and at the University of Virginia throughout elementary and middle school, where she began to hone her skill and knowledge of new media processes.  Though she is well practiced in the traditional fine arts, her art strays to mixed media and conceptual practices. Sofia plans to take these interests, to one day create large scale physical pieces that allow for technological interactive experiences.

Beyond her technical art experiments, Sofia is rather drawn to the commerce and business side of things as well. In June 2017 she started an expedition towards the world of commerce, specifically T-shirts (printing and shipping fulfilled by Threadless inc). She designed then marketed her shirts to family, friends and community members. Sofia hopes to continue this project down the road with a more specific goal to create a sense of cohesion across the products.

In all, Sofia Chu is a creator and artist, that hopes to blur lines between what people define as art and the rest of our perspective.


“self portraiture 1”