While studying during my first semester at Virginia Tech I have been exploring through different mediums and concepts. I am drawn to the idea that my art could change perspectives, or just give someone a feeling of nostalgia, regret, etc.

The whole idea is based on: When you take the function from the form, what are we left with?

This new project, “Masked”, is an ongoing series of non traditional masks. They are each supposed to be visually attractive, but nonfunctional. The first mask prototype created, was made out of chicken wire and papier-mâché. Over the eyes, there is a second screen that covers the eyes, inhibiting vision.

“Masked” is planned to be a continual and high concept piece, that will continue to be “in the works” for quite some time. The end goal is to create a collection of nonfunctional masks that can be exchanged on a sculpture of a human form.


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